Meeting Room Rental

Noting the wide availability of gathering spaces in the community as well as an increasing need to use the room ourselves, NKF&R’s Board of Fire Commissioners decided in February 2017 to cease renting our headquarters station meeting room to the public.  Kingston’s spacious Village Green Community Center (360-297-1263) has multiple rooms; it was specifically designed to be the hub for community activities.   There are also several community centers  and homeowners’ associations with spaces available.  Furthermore, our meeting room is now much smaller. We have converted a portion of the meeting room into needed everyday workspace for duty crews.  During large incidents, storms or disasters, this space also serves as a command center. The remaining small meeting room is usually in use for firefighter training, classes and staff meetings.  In the event that no other local meeting space is available, we may be able to rent the remaining small room at rates that are comparable to other sites around town. Despite this change, the public is always welcome to visit the station — for blood pressure checks or burn permits, twice-monthly Board of Fire Commissioners meetings, monthly CPR classes, station tours or just to say hello!

For more information, please call (360)297-3619.