Code Enforcement and Fire Investigations

North Kitsap Fire & Rescue is a fire protection district. Unlike within a city fire department, the authority to enforce the fire code, inspect commercial buildings and to conduct fire scene investigations in fire protection districts is granted by Washington State Law to county governments. Locally, this authority resides with the Kitsap County Department of Community Development.  By agreement with the Kitsap County Fire Marshal’s Office, NKF&R personnel conduct some inspections of commercial buildings.   See the Kitsap County Fire Marshal’s Office website or call (360) 337-5777 for further information about these issues.

Prevention Education

Because nearly two-thirds of the district’s emergency responses involve emergency medical incidents, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue is active in injury prevention as well as fire prevention activities. Many of these efforts are conducted in partnership with the teachers and administrators of the North Kitsap School District through the National Fire Protection Association’s Risk Watch® curriculum. All kindergarten and most third grade classrooms participate in the program which includes at least four visits from NKF&R personnel; firefighters fit bike helmets, teach how to “save your breath” and the Heimlich Maneuver, emphasize being “buckled up in a booster in the back,” and stress the life-saving value of smoke alarms and fire escape planning. NKF&R also works closely with most of the preschools in its area because they know that prevention is the most effective means of protecting lives and property, NKF&R personnel are always looking for ways to reach more people with this life-saving information.  The district has entertaining and interesting materials to offer on a wide range of topics from seniors’ fall and fire prevention to children’s motor vehicle safety. See our Prevention Education Resources page, and check back often as we’re always adding to it. To schedule a presentation, email the Community Services Specialist or call (360) 297-3619.

In addition to emergency response and prevention education, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue provides other forms of assistance — many of these are listed below. To find out more about these services, click on the email link of the item of interest to you. Although most of these safety devices (smoke alarms, batteries, life jackets, addressing materials, helmets) are purchased with funds donated by our own personnel, we gladly accept donations to help defray those costs.
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Home Safety Surveys

Take our personnel on a walk through your home to help you identify and correct potential fire and injury hazards. We’ll also work with you to develop a workable escape plan and test your smoke alarms. There is no charge for this service. Contact our community services office to schedule an appointment. Be sure to include your physical address and dates/times that would work best for you. Download a copy of our Plan and Practice Your Escape fire escape planning grid so you and your family will know exactly what to do if fire strikes.

NKF&R staff fit third graders' helmets today at Suquamish Elementary

NKF&R staff fit third graders’ helmets today at Suquamish Elementary.

Blood Pressure Checks

If you’re experiencing a medical problem, don’t come to the fire station. If the crews are out of the building on calls or other duties, you won’t get the help you need.  Leave the driving to us by calling 911 — which is the most efficient and quickest way to access an emergency response. For routine blood pressure checks, we welcome you to stop by any of our staffed fire stations. To keep track of your readings, be sure to ask for one of our handy BP Check Cards.

Bike Helmet Fitting

More than 85% of related head injuries can be prevented with a properly-fit helmet. We believe so strongly in the benefits of helmets that we make them available at all of our fire stations. The firefighters, who purchase the helmets with their own money, accept donations of $13.00 per bike helmet. To ensure that someone will be available to fit the helmet(s), it’s best to call in advance for an appointment. Email the Community Services Specialist or call (360) 297-3619.

Life Jackets to Borrow or Own

Although adult supervision is the key to preventing childhood drownings, properly-fit life jackets are also important. To ensure that everyone is protected, we’re happy to lend U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices/life jackets for a day, a weekend or a week.

Smoke Alarm Installation

We’ll install them free of charge. Email the Community Services Specialist a message requesting the service, and be sure to include your physical address in your message. Download a copy of our Plan and Practice Your Escape fire escape planning grid so you and your family will know exactly what to do if fire strikes.

First Aid & CPR Classes

Adult, Child & Infant CPR classes are offered periodically. All classes are held at North Kitsap Fire & Rescue’s Headquarters (26642 Miller Bay Road NE near Kingston). Email the Community Services Specialist or call (360) 297-3619 for more information.

Station Tours & School Visits

NKF&R station tours can be arranged. Email the Community Services Specialist or call (360) 297-3619 for more information.